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i think you can do it when you get there. id be interested in doing sport again, i gave all that up in year 9, and wud be good to get an interest again lol
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same here...i used to play netball (rather badly) at my local club..wasn't anything serious, but i gave that up and havn't really done sport since, so im in awful shape. I would have maybe liked to have played netball for the uni...but i'm no where near good enough for that. I get out of breath running from one end of the court to the next, and all the people who play are national level players.
If everyone else who plays for the medics aren't that experienced, then maybe I might give it a go.
I'm not very expericenced! i played for my school up until year 11 and gave it up at coll! but it would be fun to play at uni!
what sport are you thinking of going for then..Hockey?
oh heck no! never played hockey in my life! i wanna play netball! GK! and possibly throw shotput! but i think i might get trampled on by all the butch shotputters! how about you?
im swaying between hockey and netball, i think i might go for netball seeing as i used to be on a team many 7 years ago lol. I liked being wing attack i think it was lol. Cabnt be goalie tho cus im ikkle hehe
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i'm gonna join netball usually i play a GA or GS but doubt i can aim properly anymore
just one question, do we need a labcoat for medicine? cus theres an offer for 9.99 in the ubu handbook if u preorder?
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nah, no need for a labcoat.
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What date did u medics put as the date we finish on the student card application thingy?
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I'm not a medic, but I put the last day of term 2008 - which is, I've been told, the 20th June.
I've put it as june 2010. Becuase we're on a five year course!
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i remember when i did it i put the date 6 years from that start but they changed it to 5 anyway so don't worry about it.
i think i put 01/07/2010? who knows..but back to sport i'll probably go for netball as i least have some vague idea of how to play. Probably go for GK as it requires the least amout of effort.
same here! lol, i've tired playing centre loads of times and i just get to tired! anyway centres and wings are always tiny (grrrr), i hate being tall.
im tiny :smile: used to enjoy playing goal attack, but centre is too much effort. i find goalie boring...but im no gud at that cus im midget hehe
does anyone know when we have to join these teams atall? just slow so the posistion that requires the least amount of running is best for me :smile:
just hope everyone else who chooses to play aren't these amazing ex county players as ill feel a bit silly applying is they are.
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at the fresh fayre there's a room tucked away on - i can't remember which floor' - where all the medic societies are located. sign up for the sports teams there. don't worry about being good enough or not. all medics are welcome into all teams - most county and above players tend to play for the uni. that said, some teams have national players and beginners in the same side - that's the beauty of it.

On the subject of societies, any of you who are musical should sign up for medics music - that's taking off this year and will hopefully be a great success.
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How musical do u have to be?