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    (Original post by bono)
    Personally I would never encourage pole-dancing, it is so degrading.
    I agree. Allowing people to pay for your body...yes, they may not get it physically but you're putting yourself on show. That's shows a lack of self respect, no matter how well one can deal with 'sleazy old men', can you deal with your parents' disappointment?

    (Original post by hi everi1!)
    You obviously sound like you want to do the job. You don't need our agreement with you...just do it.
    But if you wanted the job that much why would you bother asking people? And as for the sleazy gropey men watching you - they'll just go home and be thinking about you as they 'bash-off'. I think that's deterant enough. Good luck with whatever you decide though...

    (Original post by Cyst)
    I am not prostituting myself. In no way, shape or form will I have sex with anyone, for any money. All I will be doing is showing a bunch of washed-up, alcoholics what they will never have.

    Is that so wrong?
    Thats being abit big headed do you not think?

    (Original post by Cyst)
    I have been considering taking up a job as a pole dancer. Recently I was approached by a talent scout who told me I could have a job, with paid training, as a pole dancer in a gentlemans club he works for.
    The pay is very very good and the hours are perfect. I could even continue with college.

    My mum thinks I will degrade myself and the family, and has threatened to throw me out if I take up the job. What should I do?

    I am speaking from experience & am not being rude in saying any of this, just being honest.
    Being approached to be a 'pole dancer' / lap dancer happens frequently to many girls....the guy who approached you was probably not given any specific 'talent scout' title. As you actually dont need a great amount of talent to do the job, a decent body & a bit of confidence is all that is required really.
    I also imagine the 'paid training' feature would actually really be on the job experience, or a couple of the girls showing you how to do a few stunts before the fellas come in.
    The money is fab, and the hours are good also hence many students getting into it!....different clubs pay different rates per 'dance' and most of them actually put a charging fee on you for working there that night, obviously its all done as cash.
    So say you make £400 a night, they can/will request some of that eg £50 for the privilage of working there.
    As for the issue with your parents...it is entirely your call. But I do know that ideally if you were going to take this job up, you should do it in a club less local as you will get recognised when your out.

    Hope this helps, if you are unsure on anything feel free to ask.
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