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Hygiene dental hygiene & therapy application

I wish to apply for Dental hygiene & therapy starting in 2025.

I’m worried about applying so I’m unsure if I will need GCSE science which I have at grade D

Relevant qualifications I have:

Maths grade C
English grade B
Food technology grade B
Dance grade B
Photography grade C
Business grade D
Science grade D
BTEC applied science - grade Merit

Level 3 Dental Nursing diploma
Access to higher education health professionals

I have 6 years experience working as a nurse in the dental industry.

Would you be able to tell me if I would be accepted with my current qualifications?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m in a similar position to you. I’m hoping to apply for 2025 entry for dental therapy. I’ve been qualified as a dental nurse for only a year.
My school subjects are not relevant to dental therapy so I’ve enrolled onto an access to HE science course - I decided to choose science rather than health professionals as some unis state that it needs to be heavily biology and chemistry based which I don’t think the health profession one at my local college is.

I’ve also completed a level 2 infection control and currently doing a level 4 oral health education course.
To try and strengthen my application I’ve tried to apply for some volunteering opportunities.

I’ll be applying next year and probably apply straight away for the foundation course. So Fingers crossed!

Have a look at the entry requirements for the uni that you’re interested in, you could even email them? I emailed uni of Liverpool to ask if I would be considered with an access course and they said it would basically put me at the same level as everyone else, as long as I meet the requirements of grades and completion etc.
Hello, I've just had a conditional offer for Suffolk starting September 2024. I have 7 gcses but science isn't one of them. I am a qualified dental nurse of 17 years and have a dental radiography qualification. I am currently doing an access to science and health course (health route not science so no chemistry) so this basically covers not having a gcse in science. I applied to 2 unis got an interview for both unis have had 1 offer and still waiting to hear from Essex.

What grade did you get in your access course? Most unis want merit or above so as long as you have that then you will be fine. All you need to make sure is that your personal statement is really strong. Good luck 😊

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