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Seeking Advice for Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

Hello everyone, I am seeking advice on how to become a full-stack developer. I am currently a web developer and am interested in learning more about the full stack. I referred some full-stack developers job preparation resources but I'm looking for more advice on what resources I should use, what I should learn, and any tips for making the transition. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!
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Becoming a full stack developer requires familiarity with various resources and technologies, However, the tech stacks commonly used for full stack development are:

1) CSS Preprocessor like SASS,LESS
2) TailwindCSS or Bootstrap
3) React (NextJS) or VueJS (NuxtJS)
4) Redux or other state management libraries
5) NodeJS (ExpressJS & MongoDB) or
6) Python (Django/Flask & Postgresql)

But these additional skills put you in a great chance of getting hired as well

1) Transpiled language such as Typescript
2) Be able to use GIT commands well
3) How to deploy a website
4) SEO optimization
5) Cloud platform knowledge such as AWS or Azure
6) Knowledge about mobile application development

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