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Didn't pass probation - will I fail the background check?

Hi all,

I didn't pass a 6 month probation at an accountancy firm mainly due to me hating the job, and spending the last 3 months of the role looking for another job which led to my performance slipping - but I have recently secured at offer at another firm in consulting.

I wasn't given any indication that my performance wasn't up to scratch leading up to dismissal, so I avoided giving too much detail to the new employer in interviews. Will they dig into this and rescind my offer?

My understanding is that that previous employers can't disclose too much detail, but I am very worried.
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Whilst a lot of references just confirm the dates that you worked at an organisation your previous employers can comment on your performance.

Some advice here:

"Employers must give a reference if:

there was a written agreement to do so

they’re in a regulated industry, like financial services

If they give a reference it:

must be fair and accurate and can include details about your performance and if you were sacked

can be brief such as job title, salary and when you were employed"

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