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Warwick or HKU for Accounting & Finance?

I need advice on a crucial decision between two prestigious universities for their accounting and finance programs: Warwick (BSc Accounting and Finance) and HKU (BBA in Accounting and Finance). While I have always regarded Warwick as prestigious, I recently discovered that HKU is ranked higher on QS for both overall and the subject. Considering my focus on employment opportunities, I seek insights on which university and program offer better prospects. Any personal experiences, knowledge, or insights regarding employment prospects, alumni networks, internships, or industry connections would be greatly appreciated. Your input will help me make an informed choice. Thank you!
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Where would you plan to work on graduation and do you have the right to work there?
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I guess Hong Kong, since I have visa.
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I’d be inclined to study in hk in that case all things being equal. If the relative costs stack up studying abroad would have some pluses though.

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