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Aldi Group Assessment

I recently went to an aldi group assessment and here is what to expect:

It's with the area manager and there's a group of you sat at a table. There was 6 of us.

First, they gave me a piece of paper with questions regarding my name, address, what hours and days I can work, why I want to work at aldi etc.

Second, they went around the table and asked you to talk about yourself. Tell they your name, age, where you live, anything about family, hobbies, interests. Just be yourself.

Third, they asked to discuss previous employment or work experience. They asked what hours and days you used to work and what you would be happy with now. And why do you want to work at Aldi specifically.

Fourth, was a 5 minute timed quiz sheet that was provided prior to entering. It asked math related questions regarding adding up change, adding hours you'd be working and adding up stock crates (just general math questions). And there's about 7-8 questions with multiple choice answers.

Fifth they asked what we know about aldi. It's history, who owns it, the goods they provide.

Sixth they asked what would I expect to do as a store assistant. (Stock shelves, serve customers, clean spillages etc).

Finally, we was split into 2 groups of 3 where we was given a sheet with a bunch of tasks that need doing before the store opens. We had to number them in priority order. E.g. hanging posters outside, cleaning waste on the till, replenishing stock.

Thats it! Then you'll hear back within about 5 days for another 1-1 interview.

Remember to be confident but don't argue your answers, they're looking for team players! Be kind and friendly and dont forget to smile.

As for dress wear, smart casual works! No graphic tees or bright coloured clothing/joggers etc.
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Hi did you hear back for the 1-2-1 interview?

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