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GCSE and/or A-level Textbooks?

Does anyone have any GCSE and/or A-level Textbooks recommendations please?

I studied Maths as GCSE and got a C in 2007 but can't remember anything. I am in the process of changing careers where a higher GCSE grade in Maths or an A-Level in Maths will be beneficial.
CGP Revision guides are the go to but I would recommend online resources such as Maths Genie, Hegarty Maths, Corbett maths, and YouTube channels. For A-level Maths I use the Pearson books. GCP also have a revision guide for the gap between GCSE and A-level. A-level maths is really hard. I wish you good luck!!!
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Hello! Current GCSE student here! It honestly does depend on what exam board you are looking to work with, but personally I am about to sit the AQA papers within the next few weeks. Personally, I found resources such as Corbettmaths (and their flashcards) extremely beneficial. They have plenty of practise papers for various subject specific topics. Meanwhile, the official AQA site is home to all of the past papers since 2016, alongside the mark scheme. In terms of videos (specifically on YouTube) I have found 'Cognito' and 'Maths and Science Tutor' incredibly useful. Although I do not revise a lot from books, I must say that the 'GCP higher level' is fantastic, as well as 'Collins Complete Revision and Practise'. I hope this is beneficial for you! Good luck!
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Thank you and best of luck with your exams, you will ace it from the sounds of it.

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