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English Language Paper 1

Hey English teacher here,

Here is an example response to help you prep for Monday.

The wind came in gusts, at times shaking the coach as it travelled round the bend of the road, and in the exposed places on the high ground it blew with such force that the whole body of the coach trembled and swayed, rocking between the high wheels like a drunken man.
The driver, muffled in a greatcoat to his ears, bent almost double in his seat in a faint attempt to gain shelter from his own shoulders, while the dispirited horses plodded sullenly to his command, too broken by the wind and the rain to feel the whip that now and again cracked above their heads, while it swung between the numb fingers of the driver.
The wheels of the coach creaked and groaned as they sank into the ruts on the road, and sometimes they flung up the soft spattered mud against the windows, where it mingled with the constant driving rain, and whatever view there might have been of the countryside was hopelessly obscured.

How does the writer use language here to describe the effects of the weather? You could include the writer’s choice of:
words and phrases
language features and techniques
sentence forms.
[8 marks]

The writer uses language to describe the extreme weather taking place in the through the journey to Jamaica Inn. ‘The wind came in gusts,’ the adjective ‘gusts’ indicates that there are sudden outbursts of wind that ‘shakes’ the coach as it goes along the bend of the road. ‘Rocking between the high wheels like a drunken man,’ the use of simile compares the coach to a drunk man implying that the coach is out of control due to the horrendous weather as when you are drunk you don’t know where you and what you are doing.

‘The wheels of the coach creaked and groaned as they sunk into the ruts on the road.’ The writer uses 5 senses to present the level of difficulty the coach is experiencing that the driver has embarked through this journey.
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