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Spanish Reading and Listening tmr!!!

Hey guys, wondering what to do as last minute revision for the reading and listening tmr
Not the best at spanish i got a 6 in the mocks but I'd love to get higher
Dont rlly know what to do other than a ton of vocab quizlets and languagenut lol
Any grade 8/9 students got any tips? thx
do seneca for spanish!
and watch youtube videos, u can just search gcse spanish
As a current student in Year 11, I do past papers and use Youtube to improve my listening skills.
For Past Papers, I tend to focus on common knowledge and testing my own comprehension skills especially with different accents and "distracting" sentences.

For Youtube I use Speak Spanish Faster [] who has a bunch of comprehension practice with different accents and Spanish After Hours[] for testing my vocab and testing my skill of understanding and being able to pick out keywords from normal speech.

❤︎ Good Luck ❤︎
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Ooooh those are good ideas, tysm! Yea good luck to u too<3

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