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Hi, I am nee to this forum. Little bit background about me. I just started my dissertation for my MSc. I am reading numerous articles. But struggling to organise the notes i took. Always I loose my notes and even forgot what I have read. Then when i am ready to write, i have no clue about the references as I can’t locate them. Can some one advise me how I can effectively organise my notes please?
OneNote is good, if you have access to Microsoft 365. References should be created as you go along. Start building your bibliography and use a bibliographic app into which you can load each reference according to the right format. Do this as you go along, never skip it however tiresome as it will save you serious time at the end stage. If you do any cutting and pasting from an article ALWAYS put an in-text citation with it so that you can always track back to the source.

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