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Top Energy Saving Tips to Save Money on Bills

How do you save money on bills? Know of any great energy saving tips?
Here is a short write up on some energy saving tips I have gathered! :tongue:

Submit Metre Readings
Upon moving in, remember to take pictures of all the metre readings in the house and send them to your current providers while making it clear that you have just moved in. This is to avoid being charged for a bill that was meant for the previous tenant and so that you can have a good gauge on how much energy or water you are consuming as compared to when you first moved in.

Charge your Devices in University
Another top tip I have heard from others is to charge your devices while you are at university! If you are already spending the whole day in university, why not charge your devices while you are there as well, especially if you have multiple electronic devices.

Switch off and Unplug
Checking to turn off and unplug any electrical appliances when you are not using them can be a good habit to develop when you are leaving the house. To avoid any unnecessary consumption and surcharge in your energy bills,

Get an Electrical Blanket
To avoid spending too much on heating in the winter, a tip my aunt once told me was to get an electrical blanket and heat it up 15 minutes before you go to bed! It is much more cost efficient to heat up a single blanket vs a whole room, and you can always turn it off just before you fall asleep!:colondollar:

Know of any other great energy saving tips? Feel free to share them down in the comments below! :h:

Zhi En (Kingston Rep.)

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