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Crossed Out Work

During my AQA English Language Paper 2 GCSE I crossed out most of my work for Q2 but labelled that portion of the (semi-crossed out) text as the answer to my Q4 (because I didn't realise that the answer I wrote for Q2 was actually the focus for Q4) then I wrote 1-2 additional paragraphs for both questions. Would the examiner mark my crossed out response, assuming a part of the text is legible?
Secondly, assuming that all of my answers were in the top level (analysis, sophisticated terminology etc.), what would approximately be the maximum number of marks I could lose due to this silly mistake?
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If you clearly labelled the work
As for Q4 then you should get some credit although if you had crossed out and uncrossed work for the same question then the uncrossed will be marked first and any further point may be credited from the crossed out stuff. However, if the work that was crossed out was contradictory then you may well lose out any marks from there. The rules do vary board to board and subject to subject

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