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Hi, I want to apply for Oxford this upcoming year and need to do the TSA for my course. However I keep on getting low scores around 50-55 :frown:. Any advice on how to improve it significantly,especially any help on tackling the problem solving section ?
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I'm having the same problem - have you found anything that helped?
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Read the question guide here: This also has a list of the maths they expect you to know for problem solving so you could also do some targeted mental maths practice based on that, and I think it also helps when trying to approach a problem to know what it is they can actually expect you to do.
Do past papers in timed conditions and then importantly review your answers, try and work it out yourself before looking for other people's explanations for the ones you got wrong.
There is no secret hack for TSA - it is just about practicing as much as possible unfortunately! Being a skills rather than knowledge test it's hard to revise for, its more about honing that skill over repeated attempts and familiarising yourself with the style of questions on the exam.

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