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A student investigates the trend in reactivity of the halogens Cl 2 , Br2 and I2 .

The student is supplied with:
solutions of Cl 2 , Br2 and I2 in cyclohexane (an organic solvent)
aqueous solutions of the halides: NaCl , NaBr and NaI.

The colours of the halogen solutions in cyclohexane are shown below. Halogen

Cl2- Pale green
Br2- Orange
I2- Violet

Plan an experiment on a test tube scale that would show the trend in the reactivity of the halogens Cl2 , Br2 and I2 .
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After mixing the different halogen solutions with the different halide solutions, which solutions react? What does a successful reaction look like? How many cm3 of stuff do i need each time? Will the cyclohexane mix properly with the aqueous solutions? What safety measures are needed?

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