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Finding Student Accommodation in Kingston

Where are you planning to live in the coming year?
Are you interested in student accommodation?:u:
Here is a short write up about how to go about looking for accommodation within Kingston.

Halls of Residence
One of the most popular choices for freshers, is to stay in university's Halls of Residences. However these get filled up pretty quickly and there might not be many spots left at this time of year. If you are still interested in finding out more about our Halls of Residence or are having difficulty finding student accommodation, please do contact the University’s Accommodation team through this link below.

If you would still like to find out more about the different Halls of Residence, check out some of the posts we have done in the past!

Private Accommodation
1. Private Student Accommodation
Alternatively, you may also choose to stay in private student accommodation! Although these tend to be more expensive, some have additional amenities such as a gym or cinema!
To name a few, some popular options within Kingston are Vibe, Davidson House, One Penrhyn Road and IQ Kingston!

2. Contact a Landlord Directly
If you are still unable to find suitable accommodation, have you considered renting directly from a landlord?
Aside from student accommodation, you can rent a house with a group of friends or just a room in a house share, you can check out sites like OpenRent, GumTree, or Right Move! A large majority of the listings are made by private landlords! I personally found a house through Open Rent and would recommend this platform if you are looking for a house to share with friends! :h:
If you are more interested in renting a room in a house share, another popular platform is SpareRoom! These listings do get taken up very quickly so remember to set notifications and check for updates regularly. I have also been told to upgrade to the Premium version, so you can access more desirable listings that would be highly sought after!

3. Contact a Property Agency
Another option for private housing is to contact a property agency! I would suggest walking in and asking directly instead of searching online as not all properties are listed on their websites. One estate agency I can recommend would be Latimer, which manages some affordable properties that are meant for students! They are located just before Penryhn campus on Surbiton Road! :tongue:

I understand that finding student accommodation can be a challenging process, especially if you are an international student or are not familiar with the area! Feel free to drop down any questions or share your thoughts in the comments below.:colondollar:

Zhi En (Kingston Rep.)
(edited 6 months ago)

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