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SQE: UoL or BPP?

I’ve applied to both UoL and BPP to do my SQE part 1 and 2 course. I am wondering which would be a better choice, specifically for the SQE. In particular, I have heard lots of bad things about the BPP in recent years regarding late marking, not responding to students and bad organization in general. However, they were super quick to reply to my application ((literally accepted me the same day)) and have called me to give me information and offered to let me talk to solicitors working for them, and have also offered a discount if I accept their offer quickly. I am wondering if this is just a way to get you to accept their offer as I have heard they immediately stop all contact and support as soon as you accept. Does UoL face similar issues? Also, the 4 weeks of QWE they offer seems amazing, is it really as good as it sounds?

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