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Hey there.
Can anyone tell me which university can i apply to for medicine ,if i get 3 C at A level?
Original post by sulei_man.x
Hey there.
Can anyone tell me which university can i apply to for medicine ,if i get 3 C at A level?


May I ask, what were your admissions test scores and your GCSE grades?
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If you resit your exams, Southampton, Bristol, and Sheffield will consider your application. There may be a few others, but those are the universities I remember off the top of my head. Many universities require you to have achieved BBB-ABB in the first sitting. Are you eligible for foundation years? If you are you can apply to those but you'd need to increase your grades from BBC to BBB for foundation years. You could also start a degree and use that to go on to graduate entry medicine. I imagine that doing a degree before medicine would be a very good option for you. It is possible for you to get into medicine. Evaluate what will be the best option for you and go for it.
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Original post by kaylarose
Hi, Im hoping someone can help!
I did terrible on my alevels which made me miss my offer, therefore I am taking a gap year to resit my A Levels. Could someone take a look at my stats and see if I still have chance, or recommend different universities? Also I’m worried that this is only enough for interviews and once they’re deciding I won’t be an option because I’m resitting.

A-levels: CCD
GCSE’s: 2x 9, 1x 8, 5x 7, 1x 6
UCAT: 3140 B1
Uni’s: Exeter, Bristol, Kings and still thinking which other one

You could consider Southampton University too, and probably Sheffield.
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Hi, I just feel very lost and would appreciate any advice. 🙂
I'm a y13 student wishing to apply to medicine and I just need some suggestions for where to apply giving my UCAT score.
My stats:
9999998876 (7 in art and 6 in geography)
*got 5 at English Language first time as the exam was 2 days after the loss of my grandpa, with a resit I managed to bring it up to an 8*
A*AA predicted, will try to bring the A in chemistry to an A*
UCAT 2500 B1 ☹️, tbh I feel destroyed, never ever got that score in my practice and I was averaging 2900

I was thinking about Keele, Sunderland, Cardiff, Leicester, Aston.
Thx for the help

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