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i have 2 weeks for my mocks and i need a way on how to study effectively for these mocks theyll dedicate my colledge future on them and i really dont wanna fail you know for subjects such as biology should i revise of past papers den the ones i dont know use flaschards or key concepts bcuc i lack a mass amount of knowledge
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yes, i would say to do 1 or 2 past papers for each subject and then target your weak areas. i highly recommend using the website 'MME' (maths made easy), which gives notes and short video clips and then practice questions and exam questions for each topic, for your maths and science subjects as well as corbettmaths for maths, where you get worksheets and mark schemes. but please remember that these are mocks, and they will not determine your place in college, only your real gcse's but nonetheless, try your best and tyr not to stress too much.

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