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Oxford University says it will not base admissions on botched online tests

What a mess

"Oxford University says it will not use results from its botched online admissions tests to award places on next year’s English courses, after students and schools across the UK described multiple crashes, freezes and other frustrations using the new system.Sixth formers applying to Oxford said the online tests being used for the first time were plagued with difficulties, displaying incorrect questions and repeatedly crashing or failing to record answers, raising concerns it would damage their chances of admission as undergraduates.School leaders said the university had offered inadequate training on the new system, while a telephone helpline for exam centres was overwhelmed with calls, with schools reporting waiting times of an hour or more.Students taking the English literature admissions test (Elat) appear to have been particularly hard hit. Schools that contacted the Guardian said they were forced to give up and use printed test papers instead. ..."

Did this affect you?
(edited 1 month ago)
Can I ask if the MAT was also affected? I believe the MAT exam crashed once for me and other people are having similar issues, but I did not see if it will be cancelled.

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