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AS Level Physics Kinematics Problem Help

Hi, I was given this worksheet last week and I've tried my hardest but there is just no way I can understand this one question. So, I'm resorting to asking if anyone on here can help out.

The question is...

4) An object is in the air for 3.6s. It was launched from a tower horizontally with velocity 8ms‐¹.
b) what angle with the horizontal does the final velocity have?

I've asked everyone in the class and none of them got the right answer and my teacher is currently ill/not reply to emails. Thank you in advance for this if you can explain it! :smile:
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Assuming no air resistance the horizontal component of the final velocity will be 8m/s

The vertical component of final velocity will be that of an object that's been accelerated from zero vertical velociy by gravity for 3.6s... Find using an appropriate suvat.

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