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Cheap Things to do in Liverpool

With Christmas round the corner I know many of us may be trying to save some money so I thought I'd share some of my favourite free/ cheaper things to do in Liverpool!

1. Liverpool is a city steeped in culture there are many great museums that are free to visit. My personal favourite are the World Museum, Museum of Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum.

2. Similarly, if you enjoy visiting art galleries I would definitely recommend the Tate Liverpool or if you fancy it take a walk around Liverpool city centre and see the street art.

3. Liverpool Central Library is another hidden gem in my opinion it looks like something straight out of a film with gorgeous views and great architecture.

4. Hit up some of the charity shops on offer Bold Street has some great ones!

5. Lastly, I'd say wrap up warm and head to Lark Lane for a coffee or a pastry and take it to Sefton Park for a cosy winter walk.

If you go to these I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :smile:

- Sasha
Graduate Advocate
(edited 3 months ago)
Hi there,

This is a great third idea. I can second that these are all great, fun and cheap (or even free!) things to enjoy in Liverpool :smile:

One thing that I would like to add is that many (though not all so check ahead of time) of the Christmas carol/singing in both of the city's cathedral's are free of charge (though donations are welcome), so this is always an enjoyable and festive thing to enjoy. Check ahead on the website of both Cathedrals to see the listings!

Malachy - University of Liverpool Student Rep
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The Walker is a million times better than the Tate for all things except location.

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