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are my alevels bad for ppe?

so i do maths further maths economics and chemistry and i plan on applying to economics at uni + ppe at oxford. are my alevels an okay combination?? i know oxford ppe has no required except suggested history ( and i did try and do history at my sixthform but i couldnt due to subject clashes with economcis and further maths ) so will this put me at a disadvantage??
most my super curriculars are humanity based eg debating mun mace debate the books i read clubs i run / particpate in essay competitions ive done SO IS IT OEVR FOR ME
I don't think you have an ideal combination as there are no humanities but it's far from over for you, as you've got both maths and econ. I'd say as long as your PS mentions your involvement with the humanities you stand just as good of a chance as anyone else.
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Your A levels are absolutely fine. Oxford take a broad range of A level profiles, and you have the recommended maths A level. Focus on scoring well on the TSA closer to the time, and look at the detailed admissions criteria while reading and developing your interest in PPE. Good luck.

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