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how I Solve a linear equation with the unknown on both sides, question is bellow

Original post by dinos67


move the 2x from RIGHT to LEFT by adding 2x to both sides,


move the 4x from RIGHT to LEFT by subtracting 4x from both sides.

First option better here as you don't end up with a negative in front of x so hopefully less room for error.
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Original post by dinos67

You need to rearrange for x by either putting all x terms on the left hand side or right hand side. Each way gives the same result.

So you have 4x-34=32-2x. Let's move all x terms to the left side of the equation.

We do this by adding 2x on both left and right hand side. This comes out as 4x(+2x)-34=32-2x(+2x) or 6x-34=32.

Do the same for the non x value, but shift it to the right side of equation (so add 34).

Then you can get x on it's own by dividing both sides by 6

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