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Hi guys, I'm very unsure as to whether I shud go to university because I want to pursue a cybersecurity profession but idk if I should I go into an apprenticeship or go to uni. Because I have heard from alot of people that the fastest way to break into the higher level jobs of cybersecurity is thru uni. But then apprenticeships you don't come out with debt although there's hardly any cybersecurity apprenticeships in the city where I live and even if there are they are extremely competitive but idk what to do and it's got me stressing like mad.
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As someone who has ~6 yrs of Cyber experience & is going to Uni in 2024. The answer that is the most truthful, but not the most popular, is that either you have to start at the bottom of IT, or get a degree. Even if you do have a degree but no experience, your options will severely limited, if non-existent. Good luck.

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