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Percy Jackson TV show discussion

The year of 2023... The year that's given us the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary, a Hunger Games Prequel, and an Inside Out 2 film trailer. We're now getting the long awaited Percy Jackson TV show :party:

we don't talk about the Percy Jackson films here :naughty:

The first couple of episodes releases on Disney Plus on 20th December 2023 and the rest over the rest of December and January :woo:

I'm starting this thread up now, just in case there's any more news stories etc. that might pop up. I think possibly unlikely we'll get any more trailers now we're a month away.

percy jackson episode schedule.jpg

percy jackson episode lsit.jpg

Will you be watching? :biggrin: :tongue:

tagging some ppl who might be interested
@absolutelysprout @8472 @shadowdweller @04MR17
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This is such exciting news! I can't wait :woo:
I am expecting big things and hope they do it justice
Made by Disney? Expect it to be a shi*show. Might be half and half good content then woke lecture

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