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Help with EPQ please

Hi .. I have started my EPQ and my idea is to disect the different space theories like
-geocentrism va heliocentrism
- Kepler’s law of planetary motion
- gallelios observation
- Newtonian gravity
- einsteins theory of relativity
- quantum mechanics
- big bang theory
- dark matter and dark energy

I’ve done my first draft so far but need to refine and expand on each of the above , however I’m not sure if I need to review my topic to make it more clearer and narrower or if there is a way of demonstrating that by taking the approach h above I’m hoping to build my knowledge about each of the theories and that’s the aim for my paper . Also is there anything I can add to my research- drawings ? Surveys ? To show some quantitative research
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IMO that's very broad and you'd be looking at an enormous amount of work to do it in a satisfying depth - I'd suggest you consider narrowing it down to probably just one of those.

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