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MRes in Green Chemistry interview!

Hi all!
I'm so so excited I received an interview offer to study an MRes in green chemistry, energy and the environment, but I'm also super nervous. This is and always has been by dream university, and ever since royally messing up my a-levels, it's been a slow and hard uphill battle of work and catch-up to get here. It is pretty much the most important interview in my life so far and don't want to let this chance slip.

Does anyone who's gone through this process for this course have any tips they could give me? I'm currently re-freshing my memory on the relevant research projects and dissertation I've done, my personal statement and will start to read some papers written by the person doing the interview. But they said the interview will be based on relevant green chem questions, scientific issues and talking about my relevant research. How do I prepare for the first two? Green chemistry wasn't taught at my uni course as a module so all I know is all I've researched for my projects and stuff (like 2 things).

Thanks all!!

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