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I want to teach EFL in tertiary edu institutions. Is Trinity CertTESOL sufficient?

I have a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science (biological sciences) 1st Hon. I want to teach EFL in tertiary education institutions, such as teaching university ESOL students in EU/Latin America, or international students in the UK universities - I don't want to teach children because I don't want to bear that child care responsibility.
I wonder in my case if the Trinity CertTESOL is sufficient for me to get positions in universities/further education institutions, or I need a MA/
PGCE in a relevant major (TESOL, or applied linguistics) instead?
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Honestly, with your qualifications, rather than English teaching, you could apply as a subject specialist.
To teach EAP / EFL in universities, the certificate is not normally sufficient. I would suggest you do the DELTA / Trinity Diploma.
Also, the colleges prefer you to have teaching experience as well.
Alternatively, a masters in TEAP / TESOL would work.
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