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I want to start a business. Is corporate law or an economy degree more useful?

I'm 17 years old and I really want to start a business, of any kind really. At first, I thought an economics degree would help me understand more business and the function of a company, but I'm not even sure. On the other hand, corporate or business law can benefit me in legal terms like contracts, business transactions, employement law, risk management... (based on what I read on internet). So I am really confused on which career would be more useful for a business owner or a CEO.

Any information would be helpful, thank you
computer science is where its at. or something industrial. as peter thiel argues, competition destroys profit, so you should aim to start a business in something entirely new. you need a new piece of tech or a new system.
basically you need some insider knowledge on something, whether you get that through university or not. but being at uni will obvs give you access to useful ppl and new ideas
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Speaking as a veteran in business and IT, contrary to what many believe, if you want to become a business owner or business operator, studying accounting is the way to go. If you are entering university soon, then accounting is good not only as a standlone discipline but also a good complimentary to many other areas, e.g. accounting+law / IT / engineering / finance.
Furthermore, accounting at university level already covers many of what you mentioned, e.g. business law and risk management.
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also read some books by business ppl you like
peter thiel's 0 to 1 was interesting and is fleshed out essay notes from a stanford course abt how to start a start up.
No degree will make it easier for you to start a business.

What you actually need is knowledge of an industry which can only be obtained through work experience.

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