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how to revise and achieve grade 7s and above
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how to revise and achieve grade 7s and above

Making flash cards is a good idea for quotes. If you already have analysis then you could put one word on each card. It is also a good idea to do practise question which you could get a teacher to mark. Blurting is also good as a form of active recall. Also, you could write essay plans for questions and write some embedded quotes for each question as it is a good idea to include them to show you know how it links to other parts of the poem or book.

Revise little and often to stop you forgetting and try out different methods to see what works best. If you do practise questions in exam conditions then you will be able to figure out what works best.
Honestly everyone is different but for me, apart from learning quotes on Flashcards, making essay plans is the most useful thing to do. I HATE doing practice exams and I just know I won’t do them if I try but I almost actually enjoy making these detailed note-form essay plans for a bunch of different questions. Hope this helps!
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thx for the advicee

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