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A level maths hypothesis tests

Hi im just freaking out a bit
I recently had a maths test with hypothesis tests. for reference I do AQA A level maths. I wrote the hypotheses correctly, but didn't put the test statistics. I checked mark schemes and they all say that the hypotheses should be correct for the first mark, no mention of a test statistic, but in the typical solution it shows the test statistic. I also checked examiners reports and no mention of the need for a test statistic or a lack of one. but I checked model solutions and they show test statistic. Will I lose the first mark on my hypothesis tests for missing out the test statistic?
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We were told to always put the test statistic in our answers at A Level - I would include it always from next time just to be safe, but if it's not on the mark scheme for this specific question, don't worry :smile:

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