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Is it possible for me to become a pharmacologist with my current degree?

I didn’t get into my uni of choice to study pharmacology as undergrad (bad idea) and didn’t want to move away from home to the unis that did accept me. So I’m studying pharmaceutical science instead, we have a module on pharmacology, and related modules with topics such as: human bio, metabolism, molecular genetics, the cell, clinical trials. Everything else is chemistry based.

Is it worth me doing a masters or some sort of post grad degree in pharmacology, and does it matter what uni I go to? They seem to have different topics and focuses.

Edit: currently thinking about dropping my course to start fresh, probably not worth it considering I’m more than half way through the programme.
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Hi there,

It might be possible but role requirements can vary so would be best to look at the roles you would be interested in applying too and checking their requirements and/or speaking to the companies internal recruitment teams (often called talent acquisition teams) to ask their perspective.

In terms of masters, an MSc in pharmacology could be advantageous. At times competition can be tough (particularly at big pharma companies) so a postgraduate qualification might be required or help you stand out.

Overall, it could be worth your time networking and reaching out to these companies and getting some friendly advice, either from their talent acquisition teams or people who are in the roles you aspire to land.

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