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Asking for advice on Biomedical Engineering 2023

Is there anyone who is majoring in biomedical engineering or has experience in the field? I am planning to major in biomedical engineering with a placement year in 2023, and am having difficulty deciding which universities to apply to through UCAS application. I have narrowed my choices down to Leeds, Sheffield, and Cardiff, but I am uncertain which two to select for my remaining choices. I chose not to include London universities due to the high cost of living in the city🥲Additionally, I have found Surrey, Southampton, Aston, Kent, Nottingham Trent and Bradford. Are there any recommended universities?
Would a major in biomedical engineering be a viable option, given that I have heard it is not as flexible as other core engineering majors such as mechanical or electrical engineering, and I am concerned about the difficulty of finding employment. Are there any precautions that should be taken or any advice before majoring in biomedical engineering? Thank you in advance for the help!!!😊
My name is Saikat, and I am a Student Ambassador at Coventry University.
I would highly recommend you go for biomedical science at Coventry university if you have any queries you can ask, I am not in biomedical but I can signpost you to the right person to talk to about it.
Please find course details for the same in the below link -

Wishing you Best
Saikat Dey
Student Ambassador & MBA student
Coventry University
Hi @_greyson_!

I'm glad to hear you're considering Surrey :biggrin:

Our accredited Biomedical Engineering degree offers both the BEng and MEng route. We have been ranked a top 10 University for this course by Complete University Guide 2023, which is the website I used when I decided to join Surrey :smile:

All the information you need about your chosen course can be found here including course structure, modules and student testimonials - definitely worth a read!

In relation to placements, Surrey's got you covered! The University has extensive relationships with employers around the country and the support system for placements is top quality. I say this from experience as a 2nd year student having placement talks and meetings regularly. The University staff really care about us here, which is why students frequently get placement offers from companies such as 3M, Eli Lilly, GSK and many more.

I hope this helps you to get a better insight into what Biomedical Engineering is like here!

2nd Year Student in BSc Accounting and Finance
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