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Virgin/O2 Technology Placement - Virtual Assessment and embarrassing question

Hi everyone, hope this is the correct place to post this.

I'm an applicant for the Virgin Media/O2 Technology placement (year-long) and am attending my Virtual Assessment Centre this week.

I had my preliminary coaching call a few days ago, and I think I remember them telling me that for the individual exercise, I would have to create a presentation on the day. However, after hearing from friends on other placements who had to prepare presentations in advance in their own time, I'm now panicking and wondering if I misunderstood the question.

Is anyone else doing (or has done) this assessment, and if so can you confirm whether I'm right or wrong?

I'm super embarrassed to have to ask this - I was even making notes while on the call!
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Hi I have a virtual assesment coming for virgin media do you have any tips or what can I expect on the day?
Original post by anumayub
Hi I have a virtual assesment coming for virgin media do you have any tips or what can I expect on the day?

Mine was a few months back and I was rejected unfortunately.

Anyway, it included:
- Interview: With myself and 1 or 2 interviewers (usually one from HR and one from a more technical background). They didn't give me any technical questions or challenges, just asked questions about my experience as well as a few SJT-type questions.
- Group presentation: I was placed into a group and asked to propose a product VMO2 could/should introduce. We were given a few "inspiration" slides on topics we could base the product on and problems we could look to solve. This was intended to be very "unplanned" - no scripts or slides.
- Individual presentation: Very similar to the above, but individual. Once again, I was given slides with background information and asked to propose a product or service. I think making a PowerPoint was an option, but I didn't bother with that and instead invested the time in writing a proper script.

No preparation was necessary for the presentation tasks before the day - it was more than doable in the time they provided.

These will be in any order, as the applicants are placed into groups which are rotated throughout the day. The activities may be different for you, however - have you had a coaching call yet?

Anyway, good luck!

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