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I’m sorry I keep writing on here- no one can give me a substantial answer

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Even if you had taken less than ideal steps at this stage, you're so early on in the process that there isn't much that can't be corrected. No, it's no disadvantage at all to have not done business or economics as your first degree. Your first degree really doesn't matter very much at all for the purposes of the law conversion and then going on to get a training contract. But again, even if it did, you have so much time to pad your CV with relevant extra curricular activities that you could easily make up for that. As it is, Philosophy and Theology is a perfectly good first degree to have.

So no, you haven't ruined your options for careers, and you really need to let go of this resentment that you obviously feel towards people who you think have given you bad advice. Knuckle down, get the best A-Level grades that you can, and then both apply yourself academically and take opportunities for extra curriculars once you're at university. You have so much control and agency over what happens in the next five years that getting hung up on advice you've received in the past is only ever going to hold you back. That is not an excuse for what comes next. You have every chance to get where you want to be if you apply yourself properly.
I don't know which firms will have a problem with you not having done business or econ - I did a non-law degree in something I loved (but completely unrelated to law or business) and it never proved a problem in getting interviews and VSs at top firms, same with many people I know. (for context, I have a MC tc). Given that you're at an early stage, I would stick with studying something you genuinely enjoy and work on improving legal experience outside of this rather than potentially signing up for a law degree and hating it.
It is not true that your degree subject is a problem for law. It is fine. What law wants is very high A level grades and very high grades in every exam even in year 1 of your degree.

My biggest concern of everything mentioned is BBB being the offer. That seems very low even for your subject so I wonder if you are going for a university which is not a particularly good one.

Once you have good A level grades and are at university join all kinds of law things at university despite not doing law, law society etc, also get some positions of responsibility. Apply for law vac schemes. Have all the deadlines for training contracts at good law firms at the tip of your fingers during your degree. Apply in time and not the last minute for vac schemes and TCs DURING your degree. Firms recruit trainees years ahead who will sponsor your PGDL/SQE studies and exams.

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