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CIE sociology or geography help please!

Hello! I'm an incoming yr 11 this sept and will be sitting my cie igcses may june of next year. I have decided to drop ICT and substitute it with either sociology or geography. Which one is easier to study and complete in a year? Please bear in mind I have only studied geo a little bit. I have already decided to take econ, business and politics for a levels (idk how this info helps) i have no clue which to choose since im homeschooled. any help will be very much appreciated! thanks!
hello! i would advise you look at the spec of both the subjects and see what you would find easier. Personally, I took geo last year (edexcel) and it was basically self study and although resources on it were very limited, the textbook was useful and the past papers were pretty much similar for each year, so it is a study that can be self taught IF you have the right resources for it. I take socio this year for a level (cie) and resources i would say are very little, if my teacher wasnt there to expand on everything in the book, id be stuck. So id suggest looking at past papers, specifications as well as exam boundaries and the average amount of ppl who get 9s to see which subject is easier for the general student.
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Hello! Thanks for your reply :smile:

I've only got a year to prepare for sociology and geography, and i have never studied these subjects before. I'm aiming for an A or A*. I'm quite worried with how limited resources for sociology is. I personally find socio much more interesting, and i guess it could help me with my politics a level (??? idk...) however, geography seems repetitive and i think i could do well in it. I'm just worried with how much content there is to cover, and i'm scared a year may not even suffice since i'll basically be starting from scratch. And the way everyone complains about geography isn't exactly helping either haha.

The online school ill be enrolling in offers geo, but not sociology. I'm in quite a dilemma .

Sorry to be a bother, but what do you recommend i go for personally?? I can be good at essays, and i will put in the work for sociology, but maybe i wont get the grade i want due to really limited resources. I may get good marks for geography (i also find this subject v interesting) because i will have the proper guidance, but i have pretty much only a year to prep for it and i will be starting from scratch.

Although, I prefer sociology, there are more resources for geography. Thanks
i highly choosing the subject that you would find interesting, so in your case socio, as you'll be studying the subject in-depth and if you dont enjoy it youre very likely to get poor grades. Sociology would be much easier to geo as geo due to being a facilitating subject prior does suggest that its very content heavy. I think socio would be your best bet, perhaps you could do separate tutoring for it, and as for resources I could link you to some websites i find helpful and relevant, as well as my website where i upload notes frequently.
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yes, i think i'll just get tutorials for sociology. please link the websites, it would be help me a lot. thank you very much for your help, i appreciate it :biggrin:

heres my website and other a level websites (content is basically the same except in a level its more detail, so extra detail always adds to your knowledge and marks)

also ensure whatever textbooks the sylabuss reccomends u find pdf copies for both and buy the detailed one
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thank u so much this is really helpful. best of luck! :biggrin:

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