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GCSE OCR Love and Relationships poetry

Hi guys, I've just posted my condensed revision notes for OCR's GCSE poetry for the Love and Relationships topic. I'm a grade 9 student and I believe that reading over my notes prior to your exams may help you and give you new ideas. I wasn't very good at English but I surprised myself in the last few months before my GCSEs and got the best grades lol

The link to my notes is :

43 pages of in-depth analysis and notes of ALL of OCR's GCSE poetry for the love and relationships topic FROM A GRADE 9 STUDENT. Includes a summary. Colour-coded and well-annotated.
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Thank youu ur a lifesaver
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ugh its money im broke
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It's definitely worth the price because it took me so long making it😭 it's literally everything you need for poetry
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ugh its money im broke
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