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hiya, i have my first a level exam 24 of May this Wednesday Coming...Was wondering if anyone had any advice for "The lovely bones" Alice Sebold , "Robert Browning" Poetry and Paris Anthology!
I'm looking for the types of themes and question types they might ask! I'm afraid they'll ask something I've missed out on!
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hiya! the questions themselves will always be the same, itll just be the content that acc changes.

The Remembered Places question will be "Compare and contrast how the producer of Text A and the producer of Text B present
[a theme, aspect, experience, etc]."

For Imagined Worlds you have a choice of 2 questions - typically, for Lovely Bones, there will be one question on a theme and one question on a character. So these will be along the lines of "Explore the significance of [theme] in the novel" and "Explore the significance of the character of [character] in the novel".

And for Poetic Voices, you'll have a choice of question again, but these are far more similar. So you'll be asked to compare one set poem and another of your choice, such as "Examine how Browning presents [attitudes/views/themes] in [Poem] and one other poem of your choice."

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