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Any suggestions on study aids to pass this certification?
I haven't done the CompTIA CySA+ but I have done the CompTIA Security+ and Cisco CyberOps Associate instead of the CySA+ (self-studied) and honestly you just have to buy a good study guide (ideally it should have chapter quizzes, practice tests, labs and further reference materials). The study guide doesn't have to be from CompTIA themselves though since theirs is on the pricier side - look around online and you'll find cheaper alternatives by reputable authors who are known in the cybersecurity world
Read through the study guide and do the chapter quizzes and track your progress, do the labs throughout, and do the practice exams at the end. Then go through the study guide again but this time making notes or flashcards on the areas you're weaker in/struggle to remember and revising them in depth before redoing all the chapter quizzes and the final practice exams. Keep working on labs throughout as well to really get comfortable with the tools because you WILL be tested on them. In the last couple weeks before your scheduled exam date I strongly suggest finding more practice exams online (you can buy some from Udemy for example) and doing these - ideally you want to be scoring at least 90-95% before taking your exam. If you aren't quite there yet then make a note of what domains you're still struggling with and go over them until you know them inside out before having another attempt at the practice exams (don't do the practice exams more than twice though because by then you'll just remember the answers so it won't actually be an accurate reflection of your knowledge). Also don't be afraid to reschedule your actual exam if necessary.

I'm assuming you've already done the Security+ as well so any revision methods that worked for you then should work for you again now. If you have any further questions or want more advice specific to your certification then YouTube is a great resource for finding others who have already done the exam and can share their tips and experiences.

Best of luck!

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