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BTEC Level 3 IT Unit 3 Assignment 2 Timescales Help

Hello, I've been watching a video about this assignment, and there's a specific task that is really confusing me.

In this bit, it says "What are the timescales needed in the project"? How would he mean by this exactly? Would I need to write about what timescales are needed, or would I need to make one myself? As then this video goes on saying "Has the client explicitly said that there is a time scale ..."

Then he says this verbally:
"What are the time scales in terms of when they want to be posting"

Which would probably mean I need to make one, whilst also writing about it. Right?

If I needed to make timescales, what would I even need to put on there? This video is supposed to be support but doesn't give examples other than verbal questions that you answer yourself (unlike a YouTuber that I've watched calls RonsTechHub, but he hasn't made a video on this unit yet which leaves me confused).

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