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English lit, biology or geography a level

I have just finished y10 and going into y11 next year, and have been prompted to start deciding my a levels. I have had a lot of pressure from my south Asian parents on this, as they want my to study medicine and take maths, chem and bio ( and my mum also wants me to take English lit on top of that! )
For me, I like to take maths and chemistry, however I’m not sure for the third subject. Also I’d rather not do 4 a levels - The fact that my mum wants me to take the 4 hardest a levels confirms this!
Below I have outlined detailed pros and cons for each, but feel free to skip this part: 👇

Biology would help for medicine - it is required in some medical schools but not all. I have never really been passionate about biology, but I’m getting 8&9s at gcse so if I did take it I think it would be fine (but boring!).
geography. One of the easiest subjects I’m doing for gcse (getting 9s) but I have a genuine interest for it. Despite this, my parents think that geography ( or humanities in general) are a bit wishy-washy and won’t get me anywhere. It would be a break from always doing calculations with chem, maths and bio and I get to write essays more. Is geography really useful if you only do it for passion? What if I end up doing medicine, then would my geography a level be useless?
English is a passion of mine since primary school and I love to read, though I don’t think this translates to writing timed essays. it is really stressful, so I don’t know how much I would enjoy a level. Though I am proficient enough at it and getting 9s atm in order to do for a level. If I want to do an essay-based subject, my parents much prefer me to do English rather than geography.

So I guess if anyone has any advice, especially about the medicine route, I would love to hear!
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Tbh I have a love-hate relationship with studying medicine, but it’s what my parents want 🤷*♀️🤷*♀️

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