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UCAS Choices: Why Choose Kingston University?

I know the pressure of being an undergraduate applicant, blankly staring at that UCAS form online, not knowing where on earth you're going to apply to - that was me, nearly two years ago! But as someone who now (very contently) studies BA Fine Art and Art History at Kingston University, London, I've drafted up a few reasons to consider making Kingston one of your choices like I did - or at least, some points I think might have helped me decide faster! :smile:

As one of the top 60 universities in the UK, Kingston University has consistently performed well in league tables throughout recent years. In 2022, Kingston topped several subject areas in London, including children's nursing, graphic design and midwifery, as well as placing first in national tables for interior design, and second in both fashion and textiles and mental health nursing. And this is all on top of having one of the most reputable art schools in the UK for any budding creatives out there!

Bordering both London and Surrey, Kingston is a great option for anyone who wants a mix of both the urban and suburban lifestyle. With massive green spaces like Richmond Park on your doorstep and central London only half an hour away by train, you can decide what sort of uni life you want - whether that's late night clubbing or picnics in the early afternoon! :h:

Work Opportunities
The town centre of Kingston-upon-Thames is a well-established retail hub, attracting a lot of visitors from local neighbourhoods - and whilst that's convenient for nipping out and picking up your groceries, it can also work to your advantage if you're on the look-out for some part-time work. Whether it's quick Christmas temp. work in the Bentalls Centre or Student Ambassador gigs through Kingston University itself, you won't be short of job opportunities to help top up that fragile student bank account balance.

Often, the support systems a university offers are overlooked when considering where to go - but trust me, it's more important than you realise, especially in your first year! Whether it's mental health struggles, disabled access or financial guidance, Kingston University has easy-to-access support available to all students, with student information centres present on all campuses both in and out of term time.

Personal Tutors
Unlike most universities, Kingston University assigns you a personal tutor from the very start of your course - usually a lecturer/professor involved in your faculty. Personal tutors will meet with you throughout the year to make sure everything is going well (both academically and mentally), and will act as your first port of call for any concerns or worries. I know firsthand how useful personal tutors are, particularly in the first few weeks - I can't even remember how many emails I sent mine asking for advice on timetables and workshops!

Okay, okay. I know you've probably read dozens of these sorts of things by now, and the vast majority of universities talk about having an 'amazing sense of community.' But honestly? I love attending Kingston Uni because I do get a genuine sense of community, much more so than I did when I lived back home. I see familiar faces every week - whether that's through the dozens of university societies, lectures or even just passing each other in Sainsbury's - and it makes me feel much more settled and comfortable than I ever imagined possible. The great thing about university is that it's the first real chance you get to form your own community - and I strongly believe Kingston is the place to do it!

Hope this was helpful - if you're considering Kingston University as a potential UCAS choice and have any questions, just pop them down below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading! :biggrin:

- Eve (Kingston Rep)
(edited 7 months ago)

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