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Castle - Internationals and Posh people, decent blokes but **** at sports. Accommodation is pathetic (only 30% actually live in the castle). 6/10

Hatfield - BEST COLLEGE. Is quite posh (feral posh), pretty good at sports, a lot of signet rings, rugby/cricket boy and hockey/lacrosse girl vibes, is closest to town, really good bar. 10/10

Chads - Cute, Posh but quiet posh, don't seem to go out much, really really small. 7.5/10

Johns - Religious, discriminatory towards tall people (bar ceiling is super super short), toxic girls ?!, good facilities tho. 7/10

Cuths - Friendly people, golden retriever vibes, posh but less than other Bailey colleges. 8.5/10

Hild and Bede - BTEC Hatfield, far away but looks nice from the outside, never been - too far. 5/10

Marys - Really nice on the outside but sh*t on the inside, girls boarding school vibes, and really bad bar. 5/10

Collingwood - Sporty bunch, some friendly people but most of them are c****, big sports rivalry. 1/10

Grey - Nice people, a bit dull but not too bad. 7/10

Van Mildert - Poshest on the hill?!, nice bar and grounds, lake probs has a bunch of diseases tho. 6.5/10.

Aidans - Way too many stairs, nice people tho. 4/10

John Snow/South - Too similar not very relevant - no distinct character (A bit boring). 2/10

JoBo/Stevo - Nice hill but again no distinct character and too nouveau. 3/10
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Forgot Trevs but I think that says enough about them. 3/10
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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