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Ancient Greek Philosophy PHIL 10122 at UOM

I am a maths student right now thinking of taking an Ancient Greek Philosophy module at UOM this next year and I wanted to know if any of you had done it? And if it was any good? Any pros and any cons?
I would love to PROPERLY learn how to write and form arguments and I think philosophy seems to be very logically based which I like as well. But I wanted people's opinion on it, before I quickly choose a module that I might not like...
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I've never read philosophy there, but I know the teaching staff and also the Academic Advisor who looks after their philosophy students, and thus have a bit of familiarity.

It will provide you with the entry-level skills in terms of deconstructing and reconstructing arguments and it is definitely going to be interesting. A couple of things to note is that there will be quite a lot of reading and there will be a fair old bit of writing - the exam accounts for 2.3 the grade, and a written essay is the other third.
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That's exactly what I needed, thanks for your response!

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