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Career prospects for political philosophers?


I'm interested in studying philosophy & politics at a top 10 university for the subjects at undergraduate level, and then moving on to do an MA and then PhD specialising on political philosophy.

What career prospects are there for philosophers specialising in political, societal and economic areas? (Without, of course, technically being a political scientist)

Responses from people working in the fields concerned would especially be helpful, too; how are the working hours? Do you find that the pay is satisfactory, especially given the perceived difficulty of the subject-matter of your studies?
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I am a Philosophy PhD holder. I went into academia, then into schools, then back into academia. The pay isn't as good as doing some private sector consultancy stuff but the freedom is great.

There's no one linear route and it's not like a PhD is the magic key to great jobs. So it really depends on you. Wishy washy answer in some ways but this is the fact of the matter, really.

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