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I am 32 year old from EU and I want to study undergraduate Philosophy degree at Oxford.

I was considering Cambridge but for some reason I kept deferring towards Oxford even though at Oxford I would have to choose a joint degree which I’m not fond of but maybe psychology would aid in my philosophical inquiries.

Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or advice?

Thank you!
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There are several options, you can study as much philosophy in any if them as the others. Which joint course is best suited for you probably depends on your interests in philosophy. In PPL combining with linguistics may be relevant if you're interested in the philosophy of language and do a lot in semantics or syntax. Psychology may be of relevance to the philosophy of cognitive science. PPE has obvious relations to political philosophy from the politics side if you go into the political theory stuff. Philosophy and theology might be appealing if interested in the philosophy or religion or certain medieval philosophers e.g. Aquinas. Classics (Literae Humaniores) lets you also take as much philosophy as any of those other options including modern philosophy options, and the Latin background is obviously useful for any history of philosophy work from the early modern period and earlier (since most academic work was originally written in Latin then in Western Europe), and Greek is obviously of relevance to most ancient philosophy (Latin also of relevance to some areas of that).

If you're more interested in e.g. Islamic philosophy or Indian philosophy or Buddhism though the AMES course may be a better fit specialising in Arabic or Sanskrit, respectively. Likewise for Jewish philosophy AMES doing Hebrew may be a better fit. There is also the theology and AMES course available if you're particularly interested in the religious element although personally I think that would be a dilution.

Not sure how much scope there is for Chinese philosophy via the Chinese specialism in AMES there but might also be an option (although depending on the exact angle Sanskrit may still be an option e.g. for Buddhism).
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