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Bristol vs. St. Andrews?

I'm an international student who just received conditional offers from Bristol (Mathematics/Philosophy) and St. Andrews (Statistics/Philosophy), and I'm conflicted about which one to firm (planning to insure Leeds). Here is some info I compiled regarding both universities.

In favor of St. Andrews:
- It has been my "dream university" for a while due to the community feel, student satisfaction, flexible degree structure, safe location, small size, prestige, and beautiful town, though I wonder if my expectations are accurate since physically visiting the town is not an option for me.
- Ranks very highly for Philosophy
- Very prestigious according to domestic rankings
- RSS accreditation and focuses on statistics rather than pure maths (matches up better with my career plans)
- The atmosphere might suit me as I'm not very outgoing and don't care too much about nightlife.
- I prefer the modules' contents and flexibility over that of Bristol's modules
- Conditional offer is slightly easier to achieve (I need a 6 instead of 7 in HL Math)

In favor of Bristol:
- I've heard of the housing crisis at St. Andrews and think I might have an easier time finding accommodation at Bristol.
- As an international student, St. Andrews is incredibly expensive and does not seem to offer as many scholarships/funding opportunities as Bristol.
- I can envision myself getting homesick and eating Indonesian food at Bristol, which does not seem to be an option at St. Andrews.
- Ranks better internationally
- Better internship opportunities
- More diversity
- Seems to offer more funding opportunities (I am applying for the Think Big Bursary!)
- Bristol appears to be less "boring"
- 3 years instead of 4
- Have heard of St. Andrews being "cliquey"

I'm not sure which one is better for employability. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!:h:
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