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How to write a good poetry comparison essay
Hello!! I'm Year 13 now so a bit rusty on GCSE. The best way to write a poetry comparison is by nailing techniques and highlighting key parts that will relate to each other, such as poem styles, punctuation, writing techniques, etc. It really helps when you time yourself in annotating both poems to make sure you don't spend too much time on analysis when the key part is writing, obvious - but often overlooked.

I remember really struggling on revision for English but, another good way to learn is through YouTube videos and just reading Seen Poetry given to you from your exam board and making annotations and notes of the common techniques used - helps to identify them later on in Unseen Poetry.

Remember to go on a tangent but not too much. Keep the creativity and interesting perspectives - it helps to build character and body to an essay.

Although this may sound like a LOT of work, just remember practice papers is the key hack for a grade 7+.

Good Luck, and I hope this helped a bit!!
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How to write a good poetry comparison essay

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