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Tips to reach A* in A - Level English

Hi, I am struggling and I really want to achieve top marks in my A-Level. Any revision tips/tricks would be helpful!!!!!

I am currently achieving B level work - Would getting an A* be too aspirational?

I do the A-Level Edexcel English Literature course.

I study:
Drama - A Streetcar Named Desire and King Lear.
Prose - Handmaids Tale and Frankenstein.
Poetry - Poems of the Decade: An anthology of the forward books of poetry and John Keats poetry.

Please help! I want to achieve the top marks my exams begin in less than 2 months.
Hiya, I have some resources for street car and for Frankenstein if you need anything extra or fancy having a look just give me a shout. I didn’t get an English, but I would recommend making marks for each character/theme or theme for the books. If you haven’t already done so or short summarise of the key quotes and key key points. It can help to have everything in one place and make revision easier. I’d also recommend having a look on Quizlet as there’s quizzes on there that might be specific to each book and it’s a good easy way to revise with pre-made materials. Also good to have a look for quick revision. It can be really hard to get a nice start in English but doing practice papers as well. Will really help. Even if you don’t write the filler that you could do an essay plan if you don’t have time to do essays for each practice paper And wishing you all the best of luck with your exams, and if you need anything else, I’m more than happy to help
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